4 Ways to Improve Your Brand and Attract More Business

Your brand is essentially your business’s identity. It’s what people associate with your company, and it tells them whether or not they can trust you and if they should do business with you in the future. If you want to attract more customers, it’s essential that you improve your branding skills to match your products and services with your customer's needs and expectations. Here are 5 ways to improve your brand and attract more business today!

#1 Define your Brand

The best way to ensure your brand is strong is by clearly defining it. What does your brand stand for? Who is it targeting? What message do you want it to send? Before you begin any marketing campaign, make sure that you know exactly what your brand is all about. It’s easier than you think. Ask yourself questions like What makes my business special or unique? and Why should people choose me over someone else? The answers are what will help define your brand. In addition, identifying your target market—customers who have similar interests or lifestyles as you—is key when it comes to branding; ask yourself if there’s a particular age group or demographic that most fits with your vision.

#2 What makes you different from your competitors?

There are many ways to improve your brand, from improving your marketing techniques or enhancing your online presence. However, if you don’t make yourself stand out from your competitors in some way, you may find it harder to attract new business. One way to do that is by explaining what makes you different. Are you more committed? Do you go above and beyond? Whatever it is that differentiates you from other companies should be highlighted on your site and incorporated into your overall marketing strategy. Customers will start coming to you not just because of your product, but because of what they feel about YOU. The goal is for them to come back because they like you personally, as well as appreciate your products or services. No matter how amazing you are at your job, there’s no reason for people to return if they can get similar products or services elsewhere.  You have to give them a compelling reason why they should buy from you every time. And part of doing that is making sure potential customers know WHY it’s worth paying extra for your particular brand. What does YOUR company bring to the table? What makes YOU unique—and better than everyone else who might offer a similar service or product?

#3 Create your brand visually, verbally and in writing

Take into account your business goals, your brand identity and what you want people to think of when they hear or see your brand. Now is also a good time to get people thinking about your company by starting an email newsletter. If you don’t have many customers yet, try reaching out to friends or family. Don’t make these updates too frequent or salesy – just enough for people to know that you exist. The most important thing is to start building your audience now so that one day soon, it can be huge!

Everyone has their own story behind how they started their business. How did you come up with yours? What have been some of your biggest challenges in running your own company? When do you feel like things are going well and when do you feel like things aren’t going as well? How do YOU define success?  These questions will help give you an insight into what makes a successful company based on your personal perspective. The idea is not just to share your business tips, but also to share who you are so that there is a genuine connection between reader and author. People buy from people they know, like and trust; that means we need to be real with each other through our writings and transparency will go a long way!

#4 Maintain your brand consistently across all media

Having a strong online presence is one thing; having a strong, consistent online presence is another. To do that, you need to maintain your brand consistently across all media. You’ll want everything from your business card design to your Facebook profile picture to reflect the core of your brand. Take care of these details, and you’ll create an identity for yourself that attracts new clients in droves.   In addition, use social media as often as possible—your LinkedIn account and your Twitter feed are more than just bragging rights; they're powerful marketing tools for businesses large and small. If a prospective client Googles you, your LinkedIn profile will show up on his or her results page (if it's set up correctly), along with any other social media accounts that have a robust following.  Make sure to keep those active so people know what you're doing. Also make sure each account is populated with relevant information about your professional expertise, services, and overall personality.

A business without a social media presence is missing out on thousands of potential leads every year! Make sure yours isn't one of them!  

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